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What Are The Sierra Leone Police Up To?


What Are The Sierra Leone Police Up To?

Once again, the action and inaction of the Sierra Leone Police in the last couple of weeks has come under public scrutiny with damning suggestion from some quarters that the Force for Good may just be up to their old habit of undermining the new SLPP government.

The management or lack of it of traffic during evening rush hours particularly last Wednesday and Thursday leaves much to be desired.

On both days commuters spent more than two hours waiting in traffic around central Freetown long before the President left State House for his Juba residence.

That situation provoked public disenchantment among citizens many of whom spent hours stacked in their cars waiting to go home after a long day work.

No doubt, the security of the President is paramount as his unfettered and smooth movement in and around the country, the responsibility for which the police are charged.

However, when those discharging such function failed to manage the situation to the effect that it result to the suffering of the people, then it behooves one to think it is a deliberate ploy to embarrass the President.

Whether our men in the blue are up to speed with the pro-people mindset of President Bio is another matter altogether, but suffice it to say that the management of a simple traffic situation in the evening rush hours to allow the President free and unfettered passage shouldn’t and needn’t be a source of discomfort for the citizens.

Truth be told, the Police have more than a million methods of handling traffic situation that would not only hamper the movement of the Presidential convoy but one that would also spare citizens the anguish of having to wait for endless hours before going home. It is not a rocket science and it is implementable. The Police must therefore act now to remedy the situation!

And as the citizens await the new traffic procedure, can our ‘Force for Good’ also nip in the bud the growing invasion of the Okada riders in the Central Business District?

Since the announcement of the final Presidential election result early last month which brought Julius Maada Bio to power, there has been a steady flow of  Odakas on the streets within the CBD as if doing so is in fulfillment of the SLPP election promise.

But honestly, it is not only the return of the Okada riders on the streets of the CBD that is alarming, but equally so the loud silence or inaction of the Police who, to date have done little or nothing to stop the growing Okada menace.

That the Okada riders are plying the CBD without let and hindrance when there is an existing order to the effect smacks of Police complicity.

As a law enforcement agency we expect the Police to ensure the enforcement of law and order relating to the conduct of the Okadas.


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