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What Are Two SIM Ministers Still Doing In Cabinet?


What Are Two SIM Ministers Still Doing In Cabinet?

By Sorie Fofana.

In a bid to comply with the law of the land, the ruling APC Party and the SLPP refused to give their party symbols to candidates who possess dual citizenship commonly called in Sierra Leone these days as “TWO SIM”.

In the APC Party, for instance, experienced MPs like Hon. Benneh Bangura, Hon. Komboh Kamara and several others, were refused the APC Parliamentary symbol on the grounds that, they possess dual citizenship. A spokesman for the APC Party told newsmen that, they are a party of law and order.

President Koroma

It is understood that, State House had instructed the Cabinet Secretariat, to ascertain whether or not, in the current Cabinet, there are Ministers who possess dual SIM (dual citizenship).

Social media reports indicate that, half of the current Cabinet Ministers possess dual citizenship. The question many people in the APC Party and in other political parties are asking is: What is the faith of these dual SIM carriers in the Cabinet?

President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has always insisted that, as a true democrat, he will always protect the sanctity of the 1991 Constitution. But, has he really done so? Not in all cases! President Koroma had no authority to sack the elected former Vice President, Alhaji Chief Sam Sumana. But, he sacked him and got away with it. Thanks to the Supreme Court Judges!

What does the President intend to do with his Ministers that carry dual citizenship? Will he continue to keep them in Cabinet and damn the consequences? Will he sack them now and protect the sanctity of the 1991 Constitution?


What will happen if the President fails to sack Ministers that carry dual citizenship? Obviously, he will be blamed for not upholding the sanctity of the national constitution. And he knows full well what the consequences are if, as Head of State, he knowingly violates the laws of the land.

With barely five weeks to finally exit State House, what will it benefit the President if he continues to violate the laws of the country with such brazen arrogance?

We call on President Koroma to respect the country’s 1991 Constitution, by taking appropriate action to right the wrong in the appointment of dual citizens into the Cabinet, by showing them the exit door now. Better late than never! The days of Two SIM Ministers is numbered.

May common sense prevail!


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