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Where Is The Transition Report?


Where Is The Transition Report?

By Concerned SLPP Supporter.

The dynamism required of President Julius Maada Bio’s government of New Direction to counter the evil forces of the defunct All People’s Congress (APC) party’s former government officials is too slow if not weak for the comfort of the people generally. Past government officials of the former President Ernest Bai Koroma including himself, their family members, relatives, friends and cronies alike are seated on trillions and trillions of Leones and hundreds of thousands of US dollars in their bank accounts stolen from the national coffers.

President Koroma in his ten years in power ensured that he had sufficiently empowered his people especially those from the North politically, financially and socially enough to enable them make future Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) government ungovernable and ridicule to the nation and the international community.

While in power President Koroma’s government dismissed from the Civil Service and other sectors of public service over 800 competent and qualified professionals particularly from the strongholds of SLPP in the South-East who were perceived as supporters and sympathizers of the party. Students from the south-east that sought scholarship or government grant-in-aid were denied in favor of those from the North; recruitment in the Military and Police including the recent pass-outs favored Northerners in the main. Today hundreds if not thousands of Northerners are studying abroad.

Such is partly the power (read more below) that the APC party has had and is now employing to undermine and eventually destabilize the SLPP government if immediate steps are not put in place to check-mate them. To stop those APC party Merchants of Venice from frying Sierra Leoneans with their own oil, it is imperative that a Commission of Inquiry be set up to have those suspects brought to book. These people have the money, the Military, the Police and a gullible support base that in no way have sympathy for the SLPP government.  They have vowed that the SLPP is worth for only one term and that must be taken seriously in all the ramifications.

Mao Tse Tung in one of his public rhetoric once told the Chinese people that “In politics there is no reasonableness; one cannot afford the luxury of one’s conscience even if it is justified”. President Koroma in the true sense of APC party socialist orientation did put that theory into practice throughout his ten years in governance. He was in no way a national leader but rather a tribal/regional chief. The APC party suspects therefore must be brought to book and have their ill-gotten fortunes traced and returned to the coffers for national development. What is there that President Bio is waiting for or afraid of, for the voices of the so-called civil society organizations? Where were they when the APC was stealing our money?

One begins to wonder why the delay in making public the Transition Report. While nothing is heard about the report since its inception so far, the APC party in Parliament, on radio and television as well as in other public fora has taken advantage of the silence to tear the SLPP government into pieces, accusing it for all their (APC party) evils over a period of ten years. There has been no effective channel of communication to put the case of SLPP to the public. Let government publish the Transition Report to set the pace for a Commission of Inquiry.


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