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Who Wants President Koroma Dead?


Who Wants President Koroma Dead?

By Sorie Fofana…………………………….

The misuse of various social media platforms has given convincing reason for the Government, through NATCOM, to consider regulating the use of several social media platforms in Sierra Leone.

A regulatory framework has to be put in place to stop people from misusing social media. The misuse of social media is a threat to national security.

Over the weekend, various social media platforms were awash with reports that, His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma had passed away. The reports turned out to be fake news.


Why would anyone want the President to die now? The life of the President is being controlled by God. God wants President Koroma to continue to live and to continue to lead our country until March 2018. Nobody can stop that and nobody should try to stop that!

President Koroma is a father, a husband, a brother and a friend of many people, in and out of Sierra Leone. How would those people feel, when they read or listen to such dangerous rumors on social media platforms? Such a behavior is repugnant and even distasteful!

We call on rumor mongers to stop spreading or propagating fake news on social media. This is completely dangerous and out of place!

Whether one likes it or not, President Koroma is President today because God wants him to be so. No one should try to kill the President by using false and dangerous rumors!

It is a fact that, there are many people, in and out of this country that may not like President Koroma’s leadership style. But such hatred for him should not warrant such dangerous and false rumor to be floated on social media. The good news is that, President Koroma is alive and kicking. He is hale and hearty!

Very soon, President Koroma would leave office and retire as a senior citizen and statesman. Let us all wish our President a quiet and peaceful retirement in March next year.

Those who wish to see the President dead, would have to wait for several more years (may be fifty or more years) to attend his funeral service in Makeni.

Long live President Koroma!

Down with dangerous rumor mongers!


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